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Favorite Thanksgiving Breads

Favorite Thanksgiving Breads

No two ways about it, Thanksgiving is all about food, and bread plays a big role in our feast. From dinner rolls served alongside the meal to the stuffing in the turkey, people continue to celebrate the holiday with a range of tasty, seasonal breads. House of Bread can help you make your Thanksgiving dinner that much more delicious (and easier!) by supplying all your bread and bakery needs.

During the month of November, we are baking a range of items with all your favorite flavors of the season—pumpkin, cranberry, pecans and apples. Our cranberry orange bread captures the essence of fall and the harvest with the classic pairing of the tart cranberries and the sweet citrus. Or if you simply want the goodness of homemade rolls on your Thanksgiving table, without all the effort they require to make from scratch, we have our flakey, yummy dinner rolls you can grab and go. Finally, our homemade stuffing is famous—lots of customers special order it, they love it so much!

Our choose one of our delicious breads with all the flavor of the fall baked right in. From cinnamon raisin walnut to apple cinnamon swirl, you can start your holiday mornings off right with a sweet slice at breakfast. Interested in a sweet treat later in the day? Ask if our pumpkin pinwheels are available. We even have a healthier alternative to the traditional fruitcake—our holiday loaf. A fruit-laden bread with hints of vanilla and honey it is available every Friday, and best of all it skips the unhealthy refined sugars, bleached white flour and gummy candied ‘fruit’ found in the classic version.

Finally, House of Bread can even help finish off your Thanksgiving feast with one of are fresh baked apple, pecan or pumpkin pies. Best of all, if you buy two pies before November 22, we will give you half a dozen rolls, free!

If you would rather spend your holiday visiting with your family, instead of in the kitchen watching over a hot oven, we have all your baked needs covered with tastes and flavors that will make you think grandma has been hard at work in your kitchen.